Happy Summer solstice!

How did you spend the solstice?

I was in a beautiful park in Leeds, then headed to perform at a most wonderful Afro fusion festival called Harambee Pasadia where I am writing to you from now,

Can you believe that solstice means we’ve made it halfway through 2022 already though? 

How did that happen?

2022 has been pretty magic so far… my main achievement has been on incubating, growing and creating structures & systems that allow weekly completions! Here are a few completions from me so far:

  • I premiered a new EMC show (yesterday!) for children called The Rainbow Butterfly 
  • I have completed on writing the new edit of Journal to Joy (which is now being edited by my wonderful editor!) and gone so much deeper and more personal and yet also simple this time…
  • I have discovered I have a whole new family in Leeds & begun meeting them & learning more about that side of my family
  • I have choreographed shows Made of Gold for Black Gold Arts & The Bridge for NSCD
  • At Maya Gandaia, we entered into the third theme of The Goddxx Path with our wonderful Goddxxsses this year
  • I have begun a beautiful new series of collaborations at Yoga Kula & Siendo

Overall, I’m feeling pretty inspired about the rest of 2022 and what’s to come next…

How about you?

If you like me are dedicated to life long unlearning to evolve into your goddxx, here is a quick reminder that I can support in the following ways;

I hope that helps you embark on the second half of the year with a full up cup and a lot of magic goddxx!