There were some pretty painful things said by my mentors…

Here’s what I have learnt making my imposter syndrome course reflecting on my dance career! 

When I decided to start my dance career late, there were some pretty painful things said by family and mentors alike, especially my course tutor telling me to consider a career in writing about dance that reaffirmed my imposter beliefs. 

There was a moment (in fact quite a few) when I thought of quitting to get that ‘real job’! 



We all know how that went 😂. 

I am still going strong as a dancer, a choreographer… in fact that same tutor invited me back some years later to turn my training with them into an MA based on the things I went on to create!

One thing I can say for sure, is that dancing is one of the greatest gifts the universe has given me.   

It has taken me around the world. 

It has connected me to my heart. 

It has connected me to my feelings . 

And it helped me to connect a chain of hearts worldwide: an Ella Mesma Company group heart! (More on group hearts coming soon).

Three things my 20 years in dance has taught me, and making this course reaffirmed; 

If I felt like an imposter, it was a positive: a strength, because my not belonging belief gave others permission to belong, it created a culture of care and compassion in our workspaces and classes that if I thought I was amazing may not have existed. 

My imposter syndrome meant I cared about adding value, I was dancing with humility and meant I was always striving to learn more. 

My imposter belief enriched my art, I channelled all that feeling it into what I was making, and I moved from my heart. 

Leaning in to fear is what makes life magic. 

Learning is what makes life even richer. 

Our most authentic expression is us expressing our truest selves: it is us in line with source… it is a space of flow outside of belief or meaning about who and what we are!