Reshaping the future by looking at privilege, entitlement and our own beliefs…

This week, inspired by our new PowerUp Podcast series on The Power Of Language, Mental Health Awareness and Creativity as a Tool for revolution, I have been thinking about privilege vs entitlement… 

And Ooof! Wow! POW! 

It’s another journey and deep deep dive… one of those ones that is beautiful and sticky and uncomfortable and empowering all at once, and something a beautiful human (Dora!) and I began joyfully journeying and unpicking together a few weeks back.

Privilege, perhaps, is what protects someone from the everyday struggles that others might experience? And here in NYC, I have really been feeling the layers of this seeing such extremes of poverty in the city, and am aware of my own privilege just by being able to be here and absorb and learn and grow.

Privilege might be an advantage we worked hard for, so then is it still a privilege we ask? (for example my saving for this trip: personally I think so), or an advantage we used intuition to create (also for example this trip), but privilege is likely also about where we are born, and what we are born into: A privilege is something we didn’t ask for and can’t control, but we have in comparison to someone else (for example, whilst I needed an ESTA to get into this country, I had a much easier time than someone might, for example, holding a passport from a different country, or maybe based on assumptions on a surname or appearance). 

So too then, when we are born into our global system, we learn how to view ourselves in relation to others: whether we are “deserving” or not, whether we “have”, or “have not”, and, in my opinion, whether we believe we are possible. 

From the minute we arrive into the world, our life experiences, the language our carers use with and around us, and the way we are treated by others, can all influence our belief about how possible we are.

Entitled is defined in the dictionary as “believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.” 

For me this is the one I find most irritating to observe (and I have observed this a few times this week too!): The idea that someone believes they are better than someone else for (let’s be honest) no reason other than ‘who they are” is entitlement… (and is bullshit!) 🙂

I feel intuitively that, by constantly checking and acknowledging our privilege, we also check we are not being entitled with that privilege. And if we are, we can look at that bias, we have an opportunity to unlearn it, we have an opportunity to see it from a different perspective.

And by doing that, we are also taking a step towards our living a life in line with our greatness, with the eyes of ‘in no sense’ that I teach in this work, and towards collective unlearning, growth, and a better world.

As you know, the work I am interested in (Alchemy), is about unlearning, questioning and realigning to the idea that we are ALL goddxxes and we ALL “deserve” (even this word I am questioning as I write it), a second chance at life (as my teacher William Whitecloud says). I use (and teach) a daily system of processes to see (and unlearn) my beliefs and realign with my truth (my Goddxx-like potential) which allows me to see where my belief is getting in the way of my possibility, where I am not holding myself sovereign, and also, where I am creating and upholding a system of bias.

This week I have also been musing that to really look, to really see and to really unlearn all of this is, in itself, a privilege. 

Learning how to step outside of belief and bias and definition is, for me, the biggest privilege (and blessing) of them all… To really see and rise above the system that we are born into is a privilege because then, from that perspective, we can begin to shape our world into something beautiful, and live by our truth (our goddxx-like potential).

And with this privilege also comes great responsibility (as Mufasa says in The Lion King).

As a person of multiple heritage, I am passionate about sharing this work in particular with as many global majority (also because for me it is very obvious that Alchemy is from ancient Kemet and was another thing held in secret to keep people down historically), women and non binary people as possible. This is also why I also offer subsidised places on my courses… so if you are worried you can afford it, then please, let’s have a conversation and find a way intuitively together! 

By teaching the truth to our communities, uplifting ourselves and the next generations with our words actions and intentions, and by passing on the knowledge, we begin to reshape the future. 

I so love this reminder from Bertolt Brecht quote…

“Art is not a mirror to reflect reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.” Bertolt Brecht

So let’s use it! Lets use our voice, lets use our art, let’s continue the work and the unlearning, and the remembering who we are!

And a reminder… things are hotting up here! 

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So how about you {!firstname_fix}? Any thoughts on those definitions and how or if they affect you? Or on how we break down the illusions of others being more entitiled/better/worthy or our perception of lack (or the opposite) so that we can create a life in line with what we love and in service to this beautiful planet Earth? (I really would love to hear from you!)

Biggest Loves, and sending you power and magic,

Ella “Maya Gandaia” Mesma xxx

Maya Magic Mentions (Mmm!)

Each week I also like to extend my Sparks of JOY to someone in my big global family making magic!

In 2020, I attended a Bloom Room. A Bloom Room is a self-curated, mindset-space dedicated to centring multiple heritage-ness. It’s an internal safe space, filled with self-wisdom that is created for you by you, so it’s as unique as you are. Once created, it can be visited again and again and with your commitment and enrichment, it will continue to grow and flourish.

Sarah Lotus Garret developed the framework of the Bloom Room to assist mixed people and their families in centring multiple heritage-ness in a way that helps to heal and prevent some of the pains involved in being mixed, recognise and accept the privileges that being mixed can provide and move through the world with more mixed-identity confidence and a deeper level of activated community consciousness. 

The next round starts on the 20th March, and honestly, for all the multiple heritage people out there, it is SO empowering! Check out my blog about my experience HERE