Holding the tension, the universe rewards brave action and a little gift from me…

Wow what an alchemical week! 

And as it is Friday (Brow Day), as I explain in my Journal to JOY book, I love to use it to do a completion technique which I learnt from my teacher William Whitecloud. Today, I would love to share that technique with you and take you through the steps so you can do one too…

So here goes:

1: What have you created?

This week I created a sold-out Goddxx Path & launched both Embodied Alchemy & The Goddxx Path with a beautiful joint opening ceremony, where we collectively planted our intentions for the next 9-months.

And (a dream come true), I have created an amazing Arts Council Funded project turning a show I have been touring unfunded (The Rainbow Butterfly) from a 15-minute solo into a 55-minute duet on a new cast: three amazing performers: Jay X, Georgina X & Joana Dias. The cast learnt the 15-minute version of the show this week (and did a small and beautiful sharing yesterday), and next week we will achieve the “impossible-possible task” of creating the 55-minute show. Each step has felt challenging, miraculous and goddxx-aligned… from the way I found Joana Dias, to where we are rehearsing, to how we have bonded and grown as a group… all of it and I am so, so grateful… 

2: What have you learnt?

The biggest learning for me this week has been about holding the tension… How by just taking the one obvious next action each day, whilst holding my long-term vision and setting a daily intention, I can powerfully create daily miracles and not allow the potential overwhelm at the vastness of the task at hand to interfere with that obvious next step.

3: What are you over?

One thing I am definitely over is overexertion, and pushing beyond my truth to be productive. This week, we had a 4 day work week… and it feels so delicious to have laid in and enjoyed an extra long weekend to rest this morning, plus to have more time to process, come HOME to me and celebrate all I have created this week!

4: What are you creating next?

Next… actually I need to create a miracle for tomorrow, which is a car (I sold mine during the pandemic) to collect my set from Bradford for next week’s rehearsals in Leeds… I am also opening this year’s FREE writing circle which starts at 2 pm UK time today (you are invited!) & setting the intentions for what we all want to create in that one-hour session every week over the next 9-months… Then, next week, EMC have four days to create a 55-minute show! Plus I am creating an event: My word, the World & a Journey to JOY with my choreographic partner Akeim Toussaint Buck in London on the weekend! POW! All this plus rest rest rest! And JOY with friends!

So how about you beautiful heart?

What have you processed from your week?

You might find you have achieved a lot more than you expected using this process… plus get a lot of clarity around what is next… and (a little like the film Inside Out), I notice that this process supports my subconscious to process, file away and recognise my achievements in ways that I might not see without it (because often I will be busy going over the negative or feeling not good enough in my egoic pattern). 

Want to give it a try? Here is a link to download and do your own completion as a gift from me

Biggest Loves, and thank you to everyone who is a part of this alchemical magic!

Maya Magic

Below are some ways other you can still connect with me over the next few months

1: The Creativity Circle is FREE and starts at 2pm today

2: You can still sign up for Embodied Alchemy! Our next group call is HOME on the 17th May and once you sign up you have the course for LIFE and can attend our 9-month group coaching transformation space forever more!

3: My Word, The World & A Journey To JOY is an event co-hosted by me and Akeim Toussaint Buck to celebrate the launch of our new books of the same name with creativity including a sound bath, journalling, meditative invitations, poetry and book readings, a live DJ and a creative Jam with music and dance (artists are welcome to sign up to join the jam too!) Expect prizes, live music, dance, film, live readings from both books and PARTY!!!

4: PowerUp! Podcast Season 7 launches on Sunday, and is our last ever season (unless we get some amazing sponsorship!) You can tune in to listen HERE

5: If you happen to be in Leeds on Thursday 20th April, and would like to attend our sharing, send me a DM!