Actually there is space for us all to be in our hearts and our truth…

How are you this week?

It has been a strange one for me… and of course… from that magic emerged… but it began with my becoming immersed in the news… 

I also subscribe to a good news channel (check it out HERE)… but this week, what with all that has happened in Hawaii, and as I am landing back from Brazil, I found myself spending more time reading & catching up with news than I am used to… and as a result… I went on one of those downward spirals of doom as I witnessed the chaos of what we are moving through.

As well as just general catastrophizing (my conclusion/the reminder was to limit my news intake going forwards!), I found myself musing over whether there is enough space for all of us in the world to make a good income doing what we love? Normally I am very much in the energy of, ‘there is space for us all to be in our hearts and our truth’…

Then I found myself wondering how others are affected by these times… how this current climate of fear and doom may put people off of going for what they love and being in their hearts and have them conforming to the things we are told about how and what success looks like or even shrinking our dreams and desires to stay “safe”… and of course… all of that can affect our creativity, us being in our hearts, us following our truth.

But then (of course), I did some Embodied Alchemy practice, and I did my choices (read all about this and learn how to do them in my NEW & UPGRADED!!!! Journal to JOY HERE for the USA, HERE for the UK or search Journal To JOY Maya Gandaia on the closest Amazon for your country), and I knew… I must channel all of that energy INTO my creativity, burning off the stuff that doesn’t matter and use WILL to stay in my heart. 

WILL is the theme this month over at The Goddxx Path. And WILL is what gets me on my own course: creating the life I would love and living my truth, but it is also my determination to hold myself whole and taking adult responsibility for that no matter the outside circumstances.

And more and more I realise that when I channel all of that psychological tension all of that heavy stuff into what I love… I alchemise it.

I would love to share the bridge I got for one beautiful client this week, because it feels so beautifully connected; 

“Open the door to the unknown… Take the leap: jump off that spring board and into the unknown… be in the unknown… Channel all of it: your whole life, you whole relationship, your whole identity into what you would love: understand that that is the true magic: to turn that illusion into gold: all that you felt… you needed it to create the magic that is coming next. It is done”

And so I invite you to do the same beautiful heart!

Choose the higher over the lower: channel all that shit into making gold!

This is why Embodied Alchemy is so powerful: because it teaches us to use our WILL, and it allows us to polish and hone our ability to hold creative tension and channel it (all of our emotions all of the struggle all of the knarly) into our truth.

Embodied Alchemy relaunches on the 22nd September as a 9 week (it also runs once a year as a 9 month) container & community to balance your chakras, awaken your intuition and alchemise your emotions into creative flow, and I would LOVE to invite you to join us. 

There is a wee competition to win the course for you and a friend out tomorrow morning on my Instagram (keep an eye out HERE) or just sign up HERE… I promise you if you want them to be, the results are transformational (I will share a few clients journeys over the next few weeks)