I did a lot of firsts this week… plus Oh My Goddxx we launched!

How are you today goddxx?

And as I often say to my goddxx children… do you know how amazing you are?

This week was the launch week for Embodied Alchemy 2023 as a 9 week course and I have been holding a lot of creative tension…

Will I finish everything in time for launch date?

Will anyone like my course?

Will it be ok that I will go offline for 9 whole days right in the middle of the course when I go on my annual cleanse?

Will this idea that combines intuition, creativity and alchemizing emotions that has been inside my head the past 7 years make sense to anyone else besides me?

Will I get the dates right? (I have a bit of a dyscalculic relationship to numbers: and the answer was no I won’t but then i will rectify them!)

And lots more thoughts….

But you know the main thing I realized with all of this? Better out than in, messy but done… an important message of the course is about getting over ourselves so we can CREATE… so I am super happy and grateful to have created it! 🙂

So far there are 25 wonderful human beings signed up and it seems to be resonating with them 🙂

If you want to be one of the magical 9 that take those numbers up to 34 (in line with the Fibonacci sequence!) please send me a DM (because I also created a funky tech glitch which means the webpage isn’t loading right now!) then let me know!


PLUS in other news…


This week I did my first LIVE in my Facebook group Journey to JOY

I gave my first Key Principle Of the Month debrief on the Creators Academy on taking Divine Inspired Action over Doing which was super fun!

I created the first song of my first album

And I reflected on how much I have been loving dancing without my nervous system going into overdrive, and resting and generally realizing that the best way for me to be more productive is to work less, because by “turning off” my mind, I activate areas of my brain that produce greater insights and breakthroughs and generally feel creatively inspired… and I have opened the key to my HEART in all sorts of ways which feels so deliciously high vibration!

How about you my loves?

Which activities are best for you resting your mind and supporting you to come HOME to yourself?

What is inspiring you to CREATE?

What has been bringing you JOY recently?


Sending Biggest Loves,
Ella “Maya Gandaia” Mesma xxx