Website Package

Can We Build Your Website?

It was a joy to work with the team who built all three of our websites, and so now we have teamed up! To the right, you will see a sample of their creativity in making our sister websites.

Our team of designers are dedicated to building a beautiful home for you to share your work, build credibility and define and stand out with your brand. 

We can also help you with our website template, and the team will help you create a bespoke package which feels right for your requirements and budget.

Want To Know More?

What Is Included In Our Website Packages?

These are the 8 different packages available:

1) Domain Name Package

2) Hosting Package
(For your website and email. Includes: SSL, Daily Backups, Email Account, CDN, Ultrafast Speed, 99.99% Uptime and more)

3) Basic Website Package
From 5-10 Pages

4) Woocommerce Package
Basic Website With up to 20 Products

5) Woocommerce Package with gold Customization

6) Basic SEO Package 
Google links and advanced SEO

7) Maintenance Package
Regular backups, keep the website updated, remove most of the spam, generate a monthly website report, and minimal design changes like text updates.

8) Content Writing Package