THRIVE are short online courses to unlearn & empower yourself to live with more JOY

The Five Tibetan Rites

This FREE course on The Five Tibetan Rites will help you age backwards!

The rites are reported to be more than 2,500 years old and were first publicized by Peter Kelder in a 1939 publication titled 'The Eye of Revelation'. I came to The Five Tibetan Rites via Peter Kelder's book "The Ancient Secret Of The Fountain Of Youth" whilst I was in Mexico, and I can honestly say they have supported my ageing backwards process (I am 40 but get ID'd and mistaken for being in my 20's on a regular!)

Overcome Imposter Beliefs

An Online Course To Support Creatives And Professionals Artists And Creatives To Transmute Our Not Belonging Belief So We Can Fully Enjoy Life. The true art of Manifestation is not merely a function of knowing what you want and making a wish, it involves knowing yourself at the level of dysfunctional behavior. This is a course to come back to your creative, and learn how to manage not belonging belie

Know Your Enneagram

An Online Course To Understand Where Our Beliefs Are Getting In Our Way Over the course (which can be completed in your own time) you will watch videos, practice exercises, and learn tools to help you to understand your beliefs and how they are getting in the way of you being your most brilliant self.

The Language of Consent

Our words have power.

This course combines The Wheel Of Consent and tools of expression to support you in Expressing from your Higher and standing in your power without having to come from a place of defense or harm or hurt other people.

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