Sacred | Svadisthana | Sacral Chakra

This chakra is all about pleasure, intuition and integrating our shadow self

Below we offer some insights in to how you might better balance Svadisthana and create a life of pleasure, self expression and joy!

In this chakra, we transform the base survival energies of Muladhara and awaken our emotive responses. The menstrual cycle, reproduction and sexual organs (female and male) are connected here. It is here we can learn to express our sexuality and experience sensual pleasures. 

Svadhisthana is intrinsically linked with emotions and our emotional state. It is this Chakra that dominates the way we build and form our emotional relationships and our connections to others.

Colour: Orange
Shape: Circle with crescent
Petals of the lotus: Six
Position: Near the coccyx, just above the Muladhara chakra, while its central activation point is the pubic bone. Also associated with the sexual organs, womb, prostrate, bladder, kidneys (The tongue is this chakra’s sense organ.) Primary planet: The moon

Orisha: Yemanja
Identity: Emotional
Challenge: Guilt
Reclaim to heal: The right to feel
Developmental stage: 6 months – 2 years
Objective: This chakra is associated primarily with emotional responses and reproductive function. The goal is allow oneself to experience pleasure, sensation, intimacy and love freely and fully, to be honest and non-judgmental about your desires, and to live as your authentic self without fear. 

Possible signs our Sacral Chakra is blocked (deficient or excessive):

Movement is held, rigid, unexpressive, and this can be reflected in views on life Sexual and relationship limitations (sex addiction, seductive manipulation/ frigidity or lack of trust in relationships)
Poor social skills: unaware of others personal space and boundaries
Fear of change
Obsessive attachment/ emotional dependency
Self criticism, victimization, loneliness
Lack of desire, pleasure, excitement (control of self/others)
Emotional outbursts (oversensitive)
Menstrual disorders/ issues effecting the sex organs
Out of touch with intuition/ indecisive/ unsure what you want

In balancing our second chakra we can:

Achieve graceful movement
Feel comfortable with our sexual identity
Set healthy boundaries
Have regulated hormones and reproductive system.
Emotional intelligence
Transmuting harsh life experiences that may otherwise fester into debilitating memories and life-long negative patterns.
Letting go of fear and inhibitions: living in the moment.

Svādhishthāna Chakra is about the subconscious: the sphere of consciousness that lies between sleeping and waking: where we deny, suppress, hide pur truth: even to ourselves. Even when our consciousness is centered, other levels of consciousness influence our perceptions and actions. The function of the subconscious is like a video camera recording each impression that has an influence upon us, externally or internally, irrespective of whether we were conscious of it or not. In this way the subconscious records precisely everything that we experience, think, feel and do and might have a different reaction to our conscious or logical brain.

Suggestions To Further Balance Your Sacral Chakra:

Movement: Practice moving with flow: (let go)
Chant: In Sanskrit a “seed” is called Bija. Plant the seed to liberate one’s mind with a mantra: Yam
Oils: Cardamom, Clary Sage, Jasmine, Orange, Rosemary
Colour: By dressing all in one colour, we increase the size of our aura. Orange = joy, hope and self-confidence.
Crystals: Citrine, Orange Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Amber, Moonstone
Water: Water frozen into ice is hard and rigid; it only begins to flow when it becomes warmer and melts. Practise being like water. Visit water to be reminded of its immense and beautiful power.
Emotions: The truest way to free ourselves from feelings and thoughts is neither to suppress, nor allow them to run freely, but observe them with wisdom. If we are over emotional, we could try to practice not acting on them immediately. For those unable to feel: Listen to and allow emotions to exist outside of the body (Try dancing them like we did in the workshop perhaps!)
Observe and study the effect of the moon upon the emotions: Write it down! Journal with your spirit guides

Observe and redirect your thoughts: Read/Watch: Mooji/ Ekhart Tolle: New Earth Boundaries: The wheel of consent/ practice giving, receiving and saying no Pleasure: Yoni eggs/ masturbation/ self appreciation!
Healing: Mask work: From the Toltec Tradition (Click here to read more)

Psoas trauma release:
Forgiveness: Tongen: Think of someone you feel resentment for: Try to think a friendly thought and a hostile thought at the same time; or to have a loving feeling and a hostile feeling at the same time. You will realize that fundamentally it is impossible to unite day and night
Polarities: Instead of focusing on opposite emotions, rise above the situation/ ask your womb what to do next.
Shadow Side: Integrate the shadow: we often try to suppress, ignore, run away from our shadow side, and think we are fixed one way, but we could miss a very valuable opportunity if we ignore or suppress our shadows and don’t look at the value in these lessons.
Mirror work: Practice telling yourself 5 things you appreciate about yourself every day. Tell yourself you are a goddess everyday. Choose to navigate from this vibration.
Affirm: I deserve pleasure in my life | I absorb information from listening to my womb | I embrace and celebrate my sexuality | I know and respect my boundaries | Life is pleasurable: I move easy and effortlessly

Daily we hear, see and read what terrible things have been caused throughout the world by feelings of bitter resentment, anger, jealousy and acts of violence. If something or someone stands in our way and we allow our desires and passions free rein, the ego can show up as rage building inside of us, which eventually becomes hate (further fired up by envy and resentment). Joining these as allies are greed and vindictiveness, which finally ignite the explosive charges of violence and cruelty. On the other hand, we are taught from very young to react to these emotions by blocking out or suppressing our feelings and pushing them down into the subconscious.

Our inner world is divided: we have a “light” side and a “dark” side. It is only when we take this dual reality into consideration and also accept and learn to love our perceived ‘weaknesses’ or ‘good and ‘bad’ sides, that we are able to work on it. What for example, if there was no such thing as good and bad or right and wrong? (Or at least if we learnt to let go of the authoritarian voice of our childhood) What if we rethought those perceptions and truly make choices without judgement from our ‘adult’ selves?

A closed Sacral Chakra shuts us off from emotive opportunities and will stifle creativity. We may feel emotionally isolated and disconnectedness from emotions of others. Those who have closed Sacral Chakras may compensate for this and become overly controlling and even abusive, and unable to respect boundaries. On the other extreme, definiciencies may mean we are unable to hold proper boundaries or say no: we prioritise others needs and don’t stand up to others or perhaps even know what we want.

If our Sacral Chakra is overactive we may feel emotionally needy or be unable to feel a healthy connection to others, leading to our seeking constant reassurance from those around us. This often leads to us pushing others away (them feeling suffocated), while feeling that we are being deserted, to say “I’m sorry” when we find ourselves crying or expressing feelings and often we even feel guilty for even having these thoughts…


What if it was better out than in?

There has been lots of research done on the effect of suppressed emotions on the body… so I say better out than in! (This journey is still a daily challenge though!)

Boundary issues include lack of or rigid boundaries, for example, tending to stand too close to people, or feeling uncomfortable when touched. Another symptom is either sharing too much or keeping our feelings to ourselves.

With denial of emotions comes the denial of pleasure. Opening to pleasure in the second chakra, not only makes us feel happier and more expansive, but it gets the subtle energy moving through the body, soothing and releasing blockages.

It is here in the second chakra that we have a valuable opportunity to develop our human consciousness and step into and celebrate our divine self. Through work on the Svādhishthāna Chakra we are able to bring our baser instincts under control and transform and transcend them.

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Releasing the ‘shoulds’ and ‘should nots’ in an unashamed and delicious way. Delve into your shadows, your masks and release the things no longer serving you.

An open, balanced and aligned Sacral Chakra is absolutely necessary if we are to live a balanced, healthy and prosperous life and so working on our emotional health and wellbeing, allowing pleasure and letting go of the concepts of right and wrong can be beautiful ways to connect and balance this chakra. The health of our Sacral Chakra will determine the health of the dreams, wishes and fantasies we hold. Here lies our intuition.

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“Take off your mask, your face is glorious.”