Here are some tips on how to manifest what you would love working in harmony with Manipura

  1. Nurture your creativity: Have hobbies/other interest: Be YOU and be you well.
  2. Don’t be scared to be soft, be vulnerable, be honest.
  3. Work on your relationship to money: be resourceful, be generous, be grateful, give back, know your worth.
  4. Make mistakes and be responsible for them.
  5. Autonomy: Try to doing and being without the need to prove yourself, influence or manipulate: Ask for what you want! It takes courage to live that: You are already a hero just by being your authentic self, and people will love you for that!
  6. Eat well: Evidence shows that bacteria (also known as microbes) in the gut can act on the gut-brain axis
    and hence influence gut-brain communications. The gut produces more than 90% of the serotonin found in your body: this can affect your mood and feelings of happiness and pleasure!
  7. Wear something on your waist to remind you to connect to your dreams (the golden chain) healing-crystal-waist
  8. Work on Trusting Your Intuition Every Single Day. Intuition is practical, daily guidance to creating what you would love.
  9. Know what you want hold the vision and don’t settle if you don’t know what you want you are going to get what others want.
  10. Ask for a phone number a day: sexual transmutation (fire stoked).
  11. Wellbeing: have time off to nurture you. Go to nature: find out what nurtures your soul.
  12. Hold yourself Whole: Eliminate the side show, recognize that you don’t need fixing: You are AWESOME Brilliant, Unique!
  13. Recognise when you need time off, when social media is sucking your soul energy, and take a break!
  14. Be held accountable: Find a mentor or coach who is rooting for you!
  15. It takes 40 days to create a habit… put the systems in place so you can win!
  16. Do one thing that scares you a day (Raise the tension)
  17. Do your gratitudes every day: Write 3 things you are grateful for each morning.
  18. Know yourself: Free Write out your emotions: When those thoughts feelings and beliefs pop in… feel them, learn to feel into the pain, and write them down, then Practise Personal wholeness: They do not define you: refocus on what you would love and follow the next steps.
  19. Cleanse Your Mind: Practise innocence: As we learn to quiet our human mental chatter, the subtle voice of soul (our intuition) is naturally there. Practise listening to it every day.
  20. Focus on what you want to create: Imagine it being here now, intuit one action step per day to make it happen… just one! (Remember the golden chain)
  21. Notice the syncronicities: Let the Law of Attraction whirl synchronicities in your direction: Expect and look for at least 2/3 a day (This is a sign you are in your high vibration and aligned with your soul purpose)!