Create | Manipura | Naval or Solar Plexus Chakra

Do you have an imbalance in your naval chakra? 

This chakra is all about will power, confidence and responsibility, so perhaps you are experiencing difficulties with making shifts in your life, in business or with physical wellbeing?

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We are the architects of our own lives…let’s make it a masterpiece! 

The solar plexus chakra, located between the bellybutton & the breastbone, is the seat of our gut intuition. It rules personal power, our drive, our will…our spark. It is the fire that ignites our soul’s purpose and drives us to CREATE a life in alignment with our highest self, goals & dreams. 

When the third chakra is balanced, we can confidently set boundaries, have a good sense of self-worth, an aura of confidence & feel we have a purpose on this Earth. We recognise we have gifts to share & go about getting it: sharing our light with intention, power & purpose! We will focus on stoking the fire and passion within to CREATE our dreams!

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