Oh My Goddxx YESSSSS



YES you are a Goddxx!

YES to you choosing YOU (and the beautiful ripples that will create!
YES to you choosing your Goddxx voice!
YES to you choosing your Goddxx truth!

YES to you choosing your Goddxx tears!

YES to you choosing your Goddxx heart!

YES to you choosing your Goddxx magic!

YES to you choosing your Goddxx integrity!

YES to you embracing your weaknesses and your strengths, owning your shit, saying sorry for your mistakes

And to stepping up to the beautiful ripples we create when we lead by example and live our Soul Truth!

Because you are an alchemist & the alchemist magic is all about choosing the higher over the lower

And being a GROWN UP ADULT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY (Not being a victim)

So let’s go out there and spread magic Goddxx! 

Below is my favourite song of the day

And I wish you a wonderful week & bundles of love this week


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