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This chakra is all about grounding, releasing and building a strong foundation

Below are some insights in to how you might better balance Muladhara and set up a strong foundation to create abundantly and live a life of joy!

There is no place like HOME. We can carry HOME within us, we can make our HOME wherever we travel, but sometimes we forget… we think it is things that make us safe and secure, our strive for security and survival becomes our focus and we forget what we love. 

The Root Chakra is the mother who nourishes and raises us. She is the seat of our dormant wisdom, the stronghold of our hidden spiritual powers and abilities.

Here we regulate feelings of balance, security, safety, financial stability, and emotions related to fear, and change. When our Root is imbalanced, life feels more stressful, and less grounded, we may be resistant to change and have a scarcity belief.

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Seed Mantra: LĀM

Element: Earth

Orisha: Shango

Colour: Red

Shape: Square with a downward facing triangle inside

Petals of the lotus: 4

Position: Base of the Spine/ Coccygeal Plexus/Perineum/Anus

Primary Planet: Mars

Identity: Safety

Challenge: Fear

Reclaim to heal: The right to be here

Developmental stage: 0-6 months

Objective: It corresponds to the physical body and connection to the Earth. Our goal is to ground, feel comfortable.

The main symbol of the Mūlādhāra Chakra is an elephant with 7 trunks. This symbolises the treasure house of wisdom that is hidden in the Mūlādhāra Chakra and should be raised into the light of consciousness.

The four petals also symbolise the four stages of evolution of life on this planet: Vegetation; simple life-forms such as bacteria and single-celled organisms; egg-laying animals such as fish, reptiles and birds; mammals; and finally humans.

An important symbol in the Mūlādhāra Chakra is the Shiva Lingam, an astral symbol for creativity, creative power and consciousness. In this symbol a snake winds around the Shiva Lingam three and a half times. The three rotations of the serpent represent the first three levels of consciousness – unconscious, subconscious and conscious; and the half turn refers to the awakened super-consciousness. As the head of the snake is pointing downwards this is an indication that the evolutionary process can also again go downwards. (As above so below). Wisdom does not develop by itself; it needs constant, conscious effort to purify the thoughts and steer the actions towards the good.

The Lotus blossom of the muladhara has four petals, depicting the four fundamental psychic functions: mind, intellect, consciousness and ego (whose roots also lie here).

Possible signs your Root Chakra is blocked:

Feeling stuck and sluggish.

Overeating or hoarding.

Fearing change/ worrying/ Stress/ A belief that you must rely on external circumstances.

Having persistant financial problems or a less-than-ideal career.

Feeling you have been abandoned by your parents

Doubting your right to be ‘here’ (Any situation)

A lack of trust in your self, choices, opinions, skills

Hating your body or feel you are not good enough the way you are

People who are dealing with an imbalance in this area may often feel like a victim

Feeling constantly tired

Sugar cravings

Feeling stressed

Restless sleep

Frequent backaches 

Urinating frequently

In balancing our first chakra we may:

Feeling grounded in the world and self.

Relax tensions in the body

Begin to act wisely and with moderation

Guard against violent behavior based on insecurity.

Be motivated towards self-improvement

Achieve a strong connection with your family and friends 

Feel wanted and loved

Feel like you belong, you are content with your body 

Suggestions To Further Balance Your Root Chakra:

Movement: Dance, Aerobics, Zumba, Hatha Yoga, Weights, Running, Massage

Healing: Look at the feminine: the earliest memories with the Mother (0-12months)

Chant: In Sanskrit a “seed” or a Bija is used for the expansion of one’s mind through sound vibrations. Suggested Seed Mantra: Lām: Chanting Lām releases tensions, removes blockages and activates energy, beginning the process of awakening the dormant powers within us and raising them into consciousness. 

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fVKfZmELLw

Affirmations: (Practise anywhere or try in front of the mirror)

“I love my body and trust its wisdom” | “I am here and I am real” | “I am immersed in abundance” | “It is safe to be here.”

Oils: (Burn them in an oil burner or sprinkle on a candle): Angelica Root, Benzoin, Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, Spikenard

Colour: It is said that by dressing all in one colour, we increase the size of our aura, and in the colour of one chakra will also help it to open. The colour assigned to the Mūlādhāra Chakra is red, meaning energy and vitality.

Crystals: (Use them for meditation and as you chant, or have one nearby when you sleep): Bloodstone, Garnet, Red Agate, Red Aventurine, Red Jasper, Red Tiger’s Eye, Ruby

Meditation: Exhale and without breathing, contract the anal muscles. Inhale and be aware of how a current of energy rises along the spinal column. Feel how the energy spreads through the whole body and tensions dissolve. See within your inner space a red light: the colour of the embers of a fire. Bring your most beautiful thoughts and feelings to this expression and allow it to radiate out into the Universe. Sing OM x3

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“The ache for home lives in all of us: the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned”
Maya Angelou