Awakening Sahasrara the Crown Chakra | Connecting through all time and space

  • YOU are powerful!
  • YOU are plugged in!
  • YOU are connected through all time and space
  • YOU can create an unshakable connection to your infinite possibility
  • YOU can create whatever you would love to once you let go of the illusion of our stories and step into your JOY!

Vibrate the cosmos: in this final stage of alchemy: graduate and claim your crown: meet the Goddess you were born to be by connecting to your true genius and truly learn to create a life of abundance: transform illusion into JOY.

In GODDXX, the final workshop of the PathFor Joy Series, we look at the most powerful tools to create your truth and complete on the tools to live life from a place of genius, embodying all the elements of the Chakra system and your truth.

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