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Oh My Goddxx!


I am so delighted to take this transformational journey with you, supporting you to come back HOME to who you really are, to be you to the full (BE-AU-TI-FUL) and to reconnect with the gifts you were brought to this Earth to share!

If you want some extra heartwork, this is an interview with the amazing Joe Williams about Egypt (which is where Alchemy originated) This is the link. 12:24 is where we begin the conversation about Eygpt, or skip to 26.02 if you just want to listen to the laws of Ma’at 🙂

Below are come useful tips and extras for your journey

All my love beautiful soul,
Ella xxx

Reading List: To be enjoyed in your own time, if it resonates!

PathFor Joy Dates: The last Sunday of each month, click on the link for dates.

PathFor Alchemy Dates: The second Monday of the month, click on the link for dates.

Friday Book Club Sessions: 11am-12pm Fridays (on zoom mics and cameras off but holding creative space together)

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