Being in survival (Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn) is unfortunately a state that most human beings are in constantly. This state is stress state which puts us out of touch with our inner tuition.

Getting back into a state of HOMEostasis: a state of wellbeing is vital to be able to create, and to understand where our beliefs are getting in the way of our possibility.

Mindfulness-based practises, dance & movement use the entire body to enhance sensory, breath and movement awareness, which bring us back HOME to ourselves and bring our pre frontal cortex back online. 

The first step in the Maya Gandaia training programme is all about movement and making movement a delicious and soul nourishing experience.

The number one reason people fail is that they cannot handle their emotions (many of us oppress our emotions for years)! Dedicating time to getting the emotions in motion via movement, and writing tasks can be a powerful alchemy! I now love my emotions, though before this work, I was scared to feel them. 

Moving the body can set our emotions in motion (releasing trauma stored in the body) so we can get into that state of HOMEostasis and raise our vibration so we can live an intuitively aligned life.. Through embodiment and movement we can also achieve mindfulness and a meditative state. Shifting the energy, getting the emotions in motion using movement, we can come back to HOMEostasis (a state of relaxed self awareness). 

Trauma Release Exercise is my favourite practice to release emotions and memories held in the body. Through a sequence of 8 exercises, this sequence help trigger the ‘psoas’ muscle (which some call the muscle of the soul) to move into tremors, said to help move and release tension, emotions, and trauma stored in the body.

If TRE isn’t the one for you, my invitation is dance, yoga and the 5 Tibetan Rites!

Like this, we can better listen to our intuition, make decisions and socialise with an open heart.